Introducing promising
real estate investment opportunities
in Japan from the team with over
real estate asset investment and
asset management experience.

Insider access to promising investment opportunities in Japan

The Japanese real estate market is now recovering thanks to the Prime Minister’s economic policy called “Abenomics”, and the anticipation of the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. We can provide foreign investors opportunities to invest into large-scale real estate in Japan previously only available to large institutional investors.

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Tokyo’s strong fundamentals

  • Largest metropolitan area today and projected to 2025
  • Tokyo's GMP ranks 14th in the list of National GDP
  • Tokyo’s real estate yield is higher than those in HK, Singapore and Taipei


  • Bold monetary policy with 2% inflation target
  • Flexible fiscal policies of 10.3 trillion yen
  • Growth strategy that promotes private investment

Asia HQ Project

  • Attracting 500 or more foreign companies up to 2016
  • Provide preferential tax treatment and bold deregulation measures to this area

2020 Tokyo Olympics

  • 3 trillion yen positive economic effect
  • Has potential to increase around 20% of property price

Asset management service

Asset manager will manage all process of investment, asset management and disposition activities including negotiation with sellers/brokers, financial packages, and so on.
You can just enjoy tracking investment and return, and financial reports through asset manager.

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  • Broad Sourcing network
  • Off-market transactions
  • Find upside opportunities


  • Property level value creation through repositioning, refurbishment, cost management, proactive leasing and close partnerships with tenants
  • Build optimum tenant mix based on the market and properties
  • Renovations with optimum tenant mix and re-leasing
  • Property manager selection and management


  • Monitor real estate market to find disposition timing
  • Tailor-made disposition

Asset Management Team

Over 10Billion USD investment and asset management experienced team manages your investment. Hoop Partners offers attractive financial packages by domestic lenders, and provides property level value creation, market-leading real estate services, and asset management service to you.

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    Toshiyuki hirayama

    Hirayama co-founded Hoop Partners in 2012 in order to provide market-leading real estate services after leaving from private equity fund called Asia Pacific Land specialized in Real Estate managing $3.6Billion in Japan. As Representative in Japan, he has grown APL’s Japan business by sourcing, driving and executing major transactions.
    He has more than 12 years of real estate development, management, leasing, brokerage and finance experience with the Acquisitions team.
    Prior to joining APL in 2002, Hirayama was a Division Manager at Nomura Real Estate Development Co. Ltd. where he spearheaded the first retail development project structured with Western style finance in Japan. Hirayama received a Masters in Business Administration in Finance from Leicester University and both Bachelors and Masters degrees in Architecture from Kobe University.

    • 20+ yrs real estate investment/development experience
    • Former Representative director of APLJ
    • Founder/CEO of sharehouse operation company
    • MBA
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    Norihiro matsudaira

    Norihiro officially joined Hoop Partners from 2014. Until then, he has worked for Hoop Partners at a part-time basis, and mainly worked for MOVIDA Japan as an accelerator and Genuine Startups Fund as an investment officer after graduating from IE Business School in Madrid, Spain, with MBA. During MBA candidate, he worked for investment banking division at Goldman Sachs as summer associate. Previously, he has 6 years of experience in acquisition and fundraising in APLJ. As a vice-president of an investment team, he has executed and invested over $2.0 billion with equity and non-recourse loan from various investors and lenders. Before that, he was working for Nihon L’Oreal, subsidiary of L’Oreal group, as financial controller.
    He received Master of Business Administration (MBA) from IE Business School, and also holds a CPA from the USA and a Real Estate Brokerage License from Japan.

    • 7+ yrs RE investment experience
    • Former VP, Acquisition of APLJ, and IBD, Goldman Sachs
    • MBA, USCPA
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    Director, Sales

    Koji sato

    Sato joined Hoop Partners in May, 2013. With over 20 years of experience in the real estate industry, Sato was brought on to strengthen sales and sourcing activities. Prior to Hoop Partners, Sato worked for various projects including retail development and retail portfolio restructuring in APLJ as an asset manager.
    Before APLJ, he was responsible for sales activities in Plusment Partners, where he provided real estate investment and advisory services. At his time in Familymart (a major convenience store chain in Japan) and Parco (A major department store chain), Sato gained valuable experience in sales.
    He has a real estate broker licence, an AFP license (Financial planner), and a Real estate consulting certificate.

    • 20+ yrs RE experience
    • Former asset manager of APLJ, and retail development at PARCO and Family Mart
  • Introduction of promising real estate investment opportunities in Japan

    We will provide you with the tailor-made investment opportunities in Japan.
    If you are interested in Japanese real estate markets and investing into a Japanese real estate, please contact us!